Sadar Obama ki Bharat Yatra.

President Obama’s visit to India, and watching a Republic Day parade at Rajpath, was a pleasing display of collaboration between an oldest and a biggest democracy. Obama, keeping an eye on Russian-made T-10 tanks and Sukhoi-30, and chewing his nicotine gum, was probably thinking on strategies for selling “Made in USA” asala (weaponry)” to India. […]

Yey, we’re going to FL

Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Gatlinburg, TN It is almost a time to go and see kids (Kalhan, Ashwin, Sharvi, Aditi, Sheryn, and Tambi). Last time we all met for Christmas break here at the park. We rented a five-bedroom vacation house on the top of the mountain in a nearby town, fresh orange juice […]

Inhumane, just plain and simple.

The inhumane killing of Peter Kassig has once again exposed that ISIS and anyone who supports them have no human dignity and self-respect. To be honest, I did not expect any humanistic behavior from ISIS towards Americans. The fundamental ideology of Islam purports that non-believers (aka Kafirs) are to be killed. Sometime I wonder, why […]

Virtual Reality and Autism

Virtual Reality as a Tool to Improve Social-Communication Skills in Children with Autism Social impairments present challenges for individuals with autism as they seek to build relationships, function in the workplace, and participate and integrate into the community. Earlier interventions using computer-assisted instructions to improve the social skills of individuals with autism had limitations, because […]